PROVERBOOM can provide you high-standard interpretation services and equipment, thanks to its ability to set up teams of experienced Moroccan and foreign interpreters. A telling example of our ability to respond to demanding high-level events includes our provision of a team of one hundred interpreters for the World Human Rights Forum (WHRF) in 2014.

S’adaptant à tous les sujets et toutes les audiences, ils assurent tous types de missions d’interprétation :

  • Simultaneous interpretation: Simultaneous interpreters simultaneously translate statements made by the speakers; listeners can listen to their interpretation by means of headphones provided.
  • Consecutive interpretation: Consecutive interpreters take notes during speakers’ statements, after which they faithfully communicate their speeches orally to the other listeners.
  • Liaison interpretation: Liaison interpreters interpret the statements made by a foreign delegation to a local delegation.
  • Relay interpretation: Relay interpretation is provided in the case of unusual languages.
  • Whispered interpretation (“Chuchotage”): In this case, the interpreter simultaneously interprets the speakers to his/her listeners by whispering to them, without using interpretation equipment.
  • Visual interpretation: The interpreter interprets sign language into the target language.


Address : Résidence ryad Al Andalous Alambra 4, Imm 38, magasin 2,
Hay Riad - RABAT

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