In order to raise the visibility of your event and maximise its impact, PROVERBOOM works in partnership with EMERAUDE SERVICE, in order to benefit from its expertise so as to offer you global communication services that are in line with your sector, targets and the stakeholders, while always respecting best practices.

The agency supports its clients in all their national and international projects by providing you with its extensive network of partners and contacts.

PROVERBOOM can support you in the following fields:

  1. Digital strategy and social media

    Digital expertise at the service of your communication strategy.

    • Creation and roll-out of digital campaigns.
    • Development of promotional campaigns.
    • Community management.
    • Online marketing.
    • Auditing and monitoring online reputation.
    • Development of websites, blogs, mobile apps and CRM.
    • Data management and IT security.
    • Digital production, e-commerce and live streaming.
    • Coordination of operations and reporting.
  2. Public relations consultancy

    A personal service tailored to your specific needs.

    • Definition of the ideal moment to launch a high-impact campaign.
    • We do not only provide you with the means to take action but also advise you on when it should take place.
    • Relations with the media.
    • VIP recruitment.
    • Recruitment of celebrities for events.
  3. Communication strategy

    A large range of marketing and communication tools tailored to your audience.

    • Communication campaigns.
    • Graphic and visual identity.
    • Design of promotional materials.
    • Street marketing.


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