PROVERBOOM can manage the planning and logistics of all your events, including relations with the media and organisation tasks related to both speakers and participants.

Indeed, the agency has extensive experience of international events such as conferences, conventions, congresses, delegation visits, cultural exchanges, team-building exercises, technical training events, trade negotiations, site visits, promotional product launches and the like.

The PROVERBOOM team has gained great agility in these tasks over the years, and it has developed a good sense of responding to specific client needs, thus allowing it to organise events that truly meet your requirements.

PROVERBOOM provides its clients with the necessary high-tech equipment to guarantee the success of the events.

Some services provided:

  • Definition and development of the concept (location, subject matter, messages, guidelines, design and implementation, programme and moderation).
  • Coordination and supervision of the event (design, construction, technical matters, logistics, catering, security, etc.).
  • Management of events.
  • Promotion (website, promotional posters, programmes, social media, press advertisements, relations with the media).
  • Administrative and budget management.
  • Logistics and organisation of conferences.
  • Catering and transport.


Address : Résidence ryad Al Andalous Alambra 4, Imm 38, magasin 2,
Hay Riad - RABAT

E-mail : contact@proverboom.com

Tel : +212 (0) 537 714 898