Interpreting is at the heart of our work. PROVERBOOM has a tried and tested team of national and international interpreters able to cover any event with professionalism and efficiency.

Adapting our approach to the speakers and audiences, we offer a variety of interpreting services:

  • Simultaneous interpreting: interpreters sit in translation booths and simultaneously relay what the speaker is saying in the audience member’s languages. Audience members hear this through specially provided headphones.
  • Consecutive interpreting: the interpreter takes notes on a few minutes of the speakers discourse then uses these notes to translate as closely as possible what was said to the audience.
  • Liaison interpreting: the interpreter translates between two small groups of people, one local and one foreign.
  • Relay interpreting: A form of interpreting used when a large number of languages, including more unusual pairings, are required. The speakers discourse is interpreted into a common language, say English, and the other interpreters work off the translation of the first interpreter. What is produced is essentially an interpretation of an interpretation.
  • Whispering: the interpreter whispers the translation directly into the ears of a small number of listeners. No equipment is required.
  • Visual interpreting: translating speech into sign language.


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